Lanzamento de cohetes

Os tolos do departamento de Física e Química, adicáronse a lanzar unha serie de cohetes baixo a supervisión do profesor Joaquín Castro. Ahí vai unha mostra

Música: David Bowie (Space Oditty)

H. G. Wells and “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

Just a few days before the holidays, students of Atención Educativa of second year of Bachillerato helped each other out in a collaborative project: building a model of the protagonist of H. G. Wells’ science-fiction masterpiece, The Invisible Man.
         Apart from reading the original work in its English and Galician versions, participants were asked to complement their theoretical work with an art-related activity, which they completed quite successfully (see pictures below). Both the written and visual work will be part of the Salón do Libro 2015 exhibition, where students will be in charge of public presentations.
        Local competitions and academic work are not everything, though. Every writer and artist needs a break. What would be better than singing a very season-appropriate Christmassy jingle? In spite of their initial reticence, Bachillerato students overcame their feelings of embarrassment ─with a little help for their English teachers─ and set themselves the goal of learning “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. These are the results. You are encouraged not only to watch the video, but to share it as well.

The invisible man


Revistas na biblioteca

A partir do presente mes, a biblioteca disporá das revistas: Muy interesante, ¿Cómo funciona?, Popular 1 (música), Dirigido por... (Cine), Total film (Cine) e Biografías Clío

Desmontando os prexuicios e mentiras contra a Lingua Galega

Estivo con nos Paulo Filgueiras da Mesa pola Normalización Lingüística para dar unha charla co título:

"Desmontando os prexuicios e mentiras contra a Lingua Galega"