01 xullo 2017

Opinions On The Mayflower Project

It was fun. We all worked in groups. It took six days to do it. With the help of some teachers who gave us material, we painted everything. Carmina helped us with the organization.
 Lidia González

In my opinion, the project was something positive. We worked in groups and had fun, but at first I was lazy.
Alba Altirriba

I found it amusing and we learned something about the Mayflower.
Luís Panadero

I think it was fun, even though it took us five or six days, but it was really cool because we all did it together.
Uxia Méndez

I think it was an interesting job and we learned a lot
Raúl Brea

I liked it because we learned something new and because we learned to work as a team.
Almudena Santiago

I found the project very interesting since I didn´t know anything about the ship. A very good way of learning something in English and recreate the history of The Mayflower Crossing. The classes have been fun. The work was based on sharing ideas and reaching an agreement.
Laura Mier

The project was very interesting and a different way of studying English. The project wasn´t perfect, but we learned history and cultural facts about the ship. It was the most important task in English.
María Novo

It was a fantastic project. We looked for information, we painted a map and we made aa amazing model ship. It took us several days. It was very good. I hope we will repeat the experience.
Santiago Porto